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There is a place within you that is always at rest. 
This place knows how to surrender and love.
Let me create and hold a safe space for you
to find the way to get there.


Studio class 
Spring Season 2024


14:00-14:55 Yin 
at Sturebadet

7:00-7:55 Hatha Flow
at Sturebadet


19:30-20:45 Embodied Yin™
at Yoga Folks



“I’ve practised yoga for 20 years and practised with Ai for more than five years. Every session with Ai is different – and a beautiful and enriching personal experience, both physically and spiritually. Ai brings her graceful tranquillity and love of music, movement and dance to every session, and I look forward to making precious new discoveries about my own yoga practice every time. I’m so grateful I have Ai to guide me on this very unique yoga journey.”



Janet C., Stockholm

"Ai's classes are a breath of fresh air to break up or end the day with. Focusing on coming home to your own body without any pressure to perform, her unique style of teaching slow flow yoga brings a calm back to the mind, unlike any other teacher I have had before, and builds upon a perfect balance of stretches and breath work to flow at your own pace."

Amanda Y., Stockholm​

“There is something particularly calming and restful about Ai’s yoga and meditation sessions. I love the way Ai encourages me to slow down every single movement, follow the breath throughout and to take the time to notice and really connect with my body. The whole experience is enhanced by her soothing tone of voice and the tailored music playlists that she uses to accompany her sessions. I would highly recommend Ai’s sessions to anyone who wants to slow down the pace, connect with and strengthen their body whilst at the same time treating your mind to a well deserved and energising rest.”

Carrie R., Stockholm

Ai 1.jpg


Tokyo-born, based in Stockholm
Mama of two.
Yoga teacher.

Reiki practitioner.
Somatic movement explorer.
Book lover.


Weaving poetry of life through body.

Always a dancer at heart, Ai has been practicing yoga and meditation over many years. With a background in ballet, it was a natural progression to delve deeper into the somatic movement and yoga practice. 


Ai navigates you into flows with creative and organic sequences which seamlessly connects breath and movement. She holds a safe space to slow down, allowing time for every body to fully absorb and experience the present moment. 

She has over 3000 hours of teaching and 500 plus hours of training for Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Mindfulness meditation.



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