2021 Online Summer Retreat:

The Art of Surrender
July 2–3


This global pandemic has altered our life structures and social systems. The things we rely on for consistency have changed. Without a clear timeline on when things may be back to normal if it would ever be, uncertainty remains.

The truth is, there are not so many things that we can control. 
Even when it seems to be perfect plans and intentions in place, we do not have control over all the factors that influence how the life will unfold.

Can we just surrender to what is?
Can we free ourselves as we surrender?

During the retreat, we will together explore how to surrender, what it means to surrender.


This retreat is for everybody, for every BODY.

Join me to the two days of self-care, letting go, diving deeper into the art of surrender.




July 2 Friday 

18:00-19:00 Welcome circle

 Yin yoga

July 3 Saturday 

9:00-10:30 Flow yoga

12:00-13:00 Meditation & Journaling

15:00-16:30 Yin yoga

Closing circle

*Schedule is subject to change. All times are CET.

Your Investment


Online Retreat includes: 

• Live streaming morning dynamic yoga practice

 • Live streaming midday guided meditation and journaling

• Live streaming evening & afternoon yin yoga practices

• Download/Access to meditation audio

• Printable/digital The Art of Surrender booklet
• Exclusive playlists 

490 kr per person



Please contact Ai if you would like to join!